Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hooded Mergansers

I chanced upon 4 pairs of hooded mergansers today. They were diving and surfacing nearly in unison in a midtown retention pond. The white patch in the crest of the males was brilliant in the bright angled rays of the low-lying sun, and their yellow eyes flashed like citrine, the November birthstone. As I watched the cavorting mergansers, 26 sandhill cranes flew high overhead in a wavering irregular chevron.

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David said...


Thank you for a breathtaking description of such beautiful birds. I think other birders would enjoy it as much as I did. Would you consider submitting this post, or another one of your birding posts, to a blog carnival called I and the Bird?

I am hosting the next installment over at Search and Serendipity. You can find my email address there.