Thursday, December 01, 2005

Today in 1997

December 1, 1997 was a day some remember:

  • Howard Stern's radio program first aired on KORB in Davenport, IA
  • Latrell Sprewell, former NBA embarassment, choked his coach and threatened to kill him for, well, ordinary coaching.
  • Westinghouse formally changes its name to CBS

I've never listened to Howard Stern's radio program.

Sprewell showed himself to be a megalomaniacal infant who could dribble (and shoot). He may threaten to kill me for posting this, and maybe you too for reading this. You never know how an ignorant thuggish sphincterportal will react.

My young mother worked for Westinghouse, until about 1960, at a facility we've always called "The Site", meaning the complex now known as INL, the Idaho National Laboratory. This complex of facilities is home to EBR-1, (Experimental Breeder Reactor -1) which produced the first usable electricity by nuclear fission in 1951. You should visit sometime. You would soon realize that that place could fit inside the average house with no problem. You could even engineer it these days to fit on a donkey cart, if you were so inclined.

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