Saturday, November 26, 2005

Santa Watch: Trouble In Europe

Santa Claus is in the European news already, and the news isn't good.

A German group is encouraging Germans to shun Santa Claus because the jolly old soul is a fabrication that Coca-Cola conjured up to sell its product. The group claims that Santa-as-marketing-tool only commercializes the Yuletide, and urges countrymen to go back to St. Nicholaus who represents selflessness and compassion and other Christmasy ideals. The group has been pamphleteering and handing out stickers depicting a Santa with a red bar over his face that reads "Weinachtsmannfreie Zone" (Santa-Free Zone). The movement has also spread to Austria.

Santa Claus was fired from his job at a Dutch shopping mall after he spanked a child who pulled on his fake beard. Santa thought that if the child pulled the fake beard off all of the other children waiting in line would have been traumatized. Hey Santa, didn't you consider that hitting a child in front of all those children would be even more traumatic?

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