Thursday, November 17, 2005

Got Snow?

My brother, who doesn’t work for the Salt Lake Tribune, reported that Brighton Ski Resort opens its ski season today, with a natural and artificial snow base of 20 inches.

When I lived in Utah during the 80’s my skiing and rock/ice-climbing mates and I always hoped the resorts would open before Thanksgiving, and sometimes they did. If they didn’t, we’d sneak in with our 3-pin cross-country skis and practice telemark turns down slopes and trails that hadn’t yet been groomed to opening-day standards.

I miss the first snow of the season. Living in Florida tends to warp reality in terms of season- and weather-awareness. Here I am, blithely planting pansies, marigolds, strawberries, winter salad greens and garlic sets while folks in northern climes are hunkering down for winter – tuning up the snow blower, shrink-wrapping their water-ski boats, weather stripping door jambs and windows.

Did you get snowed on last night? James Lileks did, and he has a great post on the topic today at
The Bleat. And don’t miss the frozen Jack Nicholson screenshot atop the page (from The Shining, of course).

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