Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Currently Reading

At Clog House Est. 1935 we're currently re-reading Mark Helprin's lovely collection of stories entitled The Pacific. Helprin is one of our favorite American authors, so the rereading is quite pleasing, and as always, uplifting. Don't miss the reviews here, here and here.

We don't quite subscribe to Mr. Helprin's politics, but his novels and stories are filled with luminous archetypal characters and luminous themes that are cast in surprising and wonderful ways. His subjects are extremely varied and the resulting inventions both clever and awe-inspiring. As always, the imagery is precise, enlightening, and nearly overwhelming. In this backdrop, the themes expressed border on the sublime. War; Light; Water; Honor; Love; Family; Home; Aging. One wonders how another could conceive of such wondrously woven tales, and is left pondering and measuring one's existence after reading them.

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Winter Ramble in a Florida Woodland

I enjoyed a fine stroll through wild Florida today. Detailed account and photographs are found at my other blog, In Praise of Walking. Though the day was overcast, it was not cold. In fact, my fleece vest proved to be too much for the weather and I ended up carrying it most of the afternoon.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wesley Snipes Not Racist - Most Everyone Else Is

Wesley Snipes is on trial for two felony charges: conspiracy to defraud the government, and filing a false tax claim. The trial will be held in Ocala, Florida, down the road a piece from Clog House Est. 1935.

See a copy of the original indictment at The Smoking Gun.

Playing the Race Card: Snipes has made two motions to have the trial moved to New York, declaring that the town of Ocala is racist and that he can't get a fair trial there. That would be the whole town. A federal appeals court recently denied those two petitions.

Playing Another Race Card: Snipes also made a motion to have the charges dropped on the basis of selective prosecution. Snipes' two named co-defendants are persons not-of-color, and are not being charged for failure to file tax returns. Snipes maintains he is being selectively charged and tried on the basis of his race.

Local TV news ran a short report last night. Jury selection has been long and tedious, and apparently one of the primary questions being asked potential jurors is whether they are capable of making a fair decision given the race of the defendant. Really that is asking if they are capable of being fair or unbiased given the fact that they are people-not-of-color. That tastes slightly racist.

Snipes attended a prayer service before court yesterday.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

FL Wild Hogs and Their Schedules

Since my initial November 14th sighting of wild hog piglets along a busy stretch of US441 northwest of Gainesville, Fl, I've observed the fat black things rooting along the side of the right-of-way every couple of days. I'm on my way home at the usual time and spot them in the exact same place, unfailingly and nearly precisely at 5:30 p.m.

Apparently, wild pigs have schedules and routines, just like I do, and mine has converged with that of a porcine lot.

What separates we humans from the baser animals? Cross "an awareness of time and place" and "schedules" off of your list. Next we'll find out that the wild pigs watch Green Acres reruns for a chance to see Arnold Ziffel, the pig.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tony Blair, Banker

Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister, has taken a job on Wall St., joining global financial services giant JPMorgan Chase, in the capacity of Senior Advisor. Mr. Blair will also be a member of the company's International Council. Salary: estimated at $1 Million. Nice gig!

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Sir Edmund Hillary Dead at 88

Sir Edmund Hillary, the New Zealand beekeeper who was the first to scale the world's tallest peak, is dead at 88.

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