Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Eternal Tags Of A Spotless Mind

Imagine a world where everyone you saw had a cloud of weighted blog tags swirling in the space immediately around their head. At a glance you could tell what that person most recently thought and blabbed about. Think of the ways society might be transformed:

1. You could either avoid a whole lot of useless conversation or engage in much profitable conversation.

2. Home and vehicle purchases, and dating, would be less daunting.

3. Politics and politicians would eventually edge towards true transparency.

4. You’d know where you stand with your boss and co-workers, and vice-versa.

5. You’d know how long you’re relegated to the doghouse after that love-spat.

6. Self-reflection would only require a mirror.

7. Those infernal poker games might end sooner, or might even go away finally.

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Willow said...

Wonderful post. Wish I'd thought of it first!