Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Just Shocking, But Only In Florida

A naked Florida man was tasered in the carbuchos, after going house to house breaking windows and asking women to touch him *innapropriately*. Granted its hard to taser a naked guy who is jumping around alot in the chest, or face, or back, or other less private place. Whoops! Got him. Ouch. . Kneel on his neck. 'Cuff him. Great. Now he's in jail. Hope for his sake that he's got some pants on now.

Hey, you other ex-perps caught shoeless and pants-less: Where can I get some of those complimentary orange jail flip-flops? Tell me about those one-size-fits-all jail pants with the stripe down the legs that just won't stay up. I heard that those saggy-baggy "My caboose is yours" jail pants are fashionable streetware. Whasup wi' dat?

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