Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Polish Government Lets The Sun Shine In

This past week the newly elected Polish government revealed secret Warsaw Pact documents that depict a hypothetical 7-day nuclear war in Europe. The move signals the new government's desire to separate the country from the cold-war communist past by educating its citizens about Poland's unwilling role in the old regime.

I appreciate this brave move to put the truth into the hands of the Polish people, but I'm reminded that the present administration in this country is hardly forthcoming about anything. The long record of stonewalling the press, the Congress, and the American people is disheartening. Its gotten so bad that every time one of the officials speaks publicly I assume the truth is being hidden under many layers of rhetoric and spin. And I don't like it. The sunshine and the truth seem to have been purposely obscured by fog , and smokescreens, and clouds of white phosphorus, and the smothering blanket of disinformation and deceit.

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