Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hey Mr. Bush Pilot

Here's a common pilot training mantra that Mr. Bush would do well to recall:
Nose down, level the wings, accelerate
This is the procedure to get oneself out of a simple climbing stall, of course. The American populace can feel the ship juddering, and wonder if it is about to tumble backwards out of control. A plurality feels like the administration is a failure. Mr. Bush:

Nose Down - You can't hear advice with your nose smugly in the air. Listen to the country. Listen to some democrats. The Harriet Miers nomination was sign of astonishingly bad judgement. Surely some insiders were warning, begging, demanding "Please. Don't. Do. This." If they weren't, shame on them.

Level the Wings - You can't stablize the country or your presidency if advisors to your right and left aren't solid and utterly dependable. If they have failed, replace them. Even if that means letting your chief advisors go.

Accelerate - Get Going. Repent. Do something right for the country. Don't stall again. Get going.

[Update 11/3/05: The Clog Almanac profusely thanks Dustbury and MisterSnitch for linking to this post and sending some of their august readers here.]

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