Friday, November 04, 2005

This Is Snipe Sign Country

You know you live in the country if snipe signs read, like the ones I see every day,"BUSH HOGGING", "WE BUY TIMBER", or the new one in town, "Lions Club TURKEY SHOOT Every Sat. Nov. Dec."

Snipe signs - if you're blessed with sight you've seen them - one day you notice that while you slept a thousand little yellow signs advertising "30 LBS 30 DAYS" or "WORK AT HOME" and a toll-free number to call, have bloomed along the route you take to work. Snipe signs violate local ordinances in most areas, and are considered both a nuisance and an eyesore. In my community, I've even seen a rash of snipe signs advertising copies of themselves: "100 SIGNS $50".

You might be surprised know that Herbalife International, whose distributors blanketed the country with snipe signs in recent times, has partnered with the American Association of Code Enforcement to educate their distributors and halt flagrant violators.

The Martial Arts Industry Association website has an article called The Mighty Snipe Sign that advises martial arts clubs on the etiquette of locating illegal snipe signs at public schools, on or near other martial arts schools' turf, etc. The article ends with "Snipe signs help get new students - cheaply!"

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