Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sunday Birdwatch - Florida

Frittering about the yard today I heard chickadees across the street. I sat down on the front steps and mimicked the alarm call of a tufted titmouse. With the help of an agitated southern fox squirrel in the big red oak beside the house I soon had the following birds clamoring around me:

Tufted titmouse
Black and white warbler
Carolina chickadee (3)
Eastern bluebird (7)
Ruby-crowned kinglet (4)

I've linked to a variety of on-line bird sites with this post - there are a good many informative birding resources to take advantage of.

Clog Almanac challenges readers to investigate the bird life in your area if you've not done so already. Most folks are quite surprised to learn how many different species frequent their area during a year. Perhaps you might add "learn to identify 10 new bird species by sight and call this year" to your list of New Years' resolutions.

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