Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Bird Flu Watch: Human-to-human Transmission?

World Net Daily recently reported that at least 2 nations now suspect that the avian flu virus may have mutated and acquired the ability to jump from human to human.

Specialists in Thailand are watching 2 mild cases where the ill had no recent prior contact with birds or poultry. Meanwhile, reports surfacing from Indonesia hint that the number of cases in that country, particularly in the city of Jakarta, are too numerous to blame on just contact with birds or poultry.

Time and the Internet will tell. You may wish to consult Nature's Avian Flu Timeline, which is current through October, 2005.

What to do when you're quarantined and can't work? Read. Start assembling a
flu library NOW, as I first recommended in this post.

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Sophie said...

There are now reports for a physician in Vietnam that Tamiflu is completely useless against bird flu -- see the Tamiflu story here.