Saturday, December 10, 2005

Buffalo Found 2 Blocks From Clog-Household

Red-Letter Day for the Clog-household. The Clog-wife, the three-legged corgi, the white cat, and I walked just 1 block off the standard morning constitutional route this morning, to visit a neighborhood yardsale 2 blocks away. My big black cat Buffalo, gone missing shortly after moving into our new house in September, emerged from a thicket of oak-leaf hydrangeas, and casually said hello to us.

We'd all but resigned ourselves to never seeing him again. He'd taken up residence with 2 yellow labs, a big orange tabby, and several other stray cats. The kind-hearted humans fattened him with Hills' Science Diet. I took him right home. Later we went back and learned of all his new friends and adventures and became acquainted with the folks who took such good care of him - one of whom works at the UF veterinary school/hospital and is a true animal-lover.

It might sound silly to some, but all along I've known inside that Buffalo was fine. Now I know he was living the life of Riley. He'll have to be a house cat for a good while, then walk on the harness/leash we'd bought specifically for the purpose months ago, just days before he skipped on us on his first foray outside of the new house.

Buffalo was named for his size and color after seeing the bison while vacationing in Yellowstone National Park. He weighed 13 lbs when we last saw him in September. He's got to be well over 15 lbs now. He still answers to Flobbo, Blublow, Bufflehead, Blackieboy, Pantherboy, and Buffalodeon.

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vbc3 said...

Once again congrats on finding the Buffalo. He might need to send a nice plate of Christmas cookies to the nice folks who watched over him. Pay back for the 2lbs they put on him.