Friday, December 30, 2005

United In Death - December 30

The Clog Almanac's Friday Mashup of notables who died on a December 30.

2004 Artie Shaw - American bandleader/clarinetist
1992 Ling-Ling - First beloved panda given to the US by China
1979 Richard Rodgers - American composer of Rodgers & Hammerstein fame
1947 Alfred North Whitehead - British mathematician and philosopher

Pandas aside, this conjunction of musicians and mathematician here interests me. Two of the extremely accomplished musicians in the old-time string band in which I play guitar are also math-heads: professors of mathematics and of ecological modeling, respectively. I'm interested in hearing of other math and music overachievers that visitors to this site might know.

Some math/music links, here, and here. Here's a book, if you're interested.

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