Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Measure Of Happiness

Slough, England is the subject of a BBC2 television program/experiment called Making Slough Happy. Some psychotherapists believe group therapy for a lucky 50 of the townsfolk can cheer up the sad commuter burg west of Heathrow airport.

Richard Rahn, happily blogging for Brussels Journal, has comments, including a list of activities that the lead doctor for the series says can bring one happiness, like growing and caring for a plant, daily exercise, regular conversations with a friend, etc. (Blogging is not on the list, and probably just as well.)

What is the measure of your happiness? You might spend a few sunny minutes trolling around in the World Data Base of Happiness, maintained at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Revel in the links to the
Bibliography of Happiness, Directory of Happiness Investigators, The People Behind, and Key Literature!

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