Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What Constitution?

Longish-haired Doug Thompson of The Rant, Capital Hill Blue, produced a few quotes that want substantiating... Hello... That's a job for the blogosphere (hint!). Get to it, compatriots!

First, he quotes Bush as saying
“Stop throwing the Constitution in my face, "It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!” ... reference?

Then Thompson says that Alberto Gonzales, while White House Counsel, said
The Constitution is an outdated document.” ... reference?

Then he quotes a bunch of statements from Justice Scalia which seem to indicate that the Honorable Judge feels that the Constitution is indeed an outdated document. Again : references?

What does it all mean? Did those gentlemen really say that? Did members of the US's *hallowed* executive and judicial bodies really say that? Does the political machine really think that the Constitution of the United States is a moldy and meaningless fossil?

Where is the truth in all this? Where might it all lead? The Clog Almanac wants to know.

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CGHill said...

I've seen a lot of people quoting these things, but they all list CHB as a source; no one has yet come up with corroboration. Given the questionable reliability of CHB - even liberal sites wonder about it sometimes - I'd classify all these as "Not Proven" until such time as someone else comes forward to document them.

CALL said...

Good advice, and well-spoken.