Saturday, July 28, 2007

What Did You Say?

You'd be surprised at how many English words are neither pronounced nor spelled correctly, even by native speakers. My employer is offering a refresher course for those wishing to improve their spoken and written English. Lord knows a not few among our ranks sorely need it. A few bloopers I've recently heard and read:

"Masonary" - for masonry - paired with "wall", "structure", "construction".
"Suit" - for a suite of furniture, to beautify the master suite, for instance.
"Realator" - in my area realtors heavily accent REAL in an attempt to educate the masses.
"Esplande" - for esplanade - sure its a foreign word, but if you're going to use it to convince someone to buy into your pricey planned development, you might as well learn how to spell and pronounce it. Correctly.

A good starter list of common examples of mispronounced and thus commonly misspelled words is found here. Syncopy, metathesis, analogy, back-formation, misanalysis, haplology - instances of these and others abound.

I had an uncle with heart disease who called EKG's "heart-o-grams".

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