Sunday, July 29, 2007

Clog Almanac Volunteerism Update

The Clog Almanac reports on volunteer efforts undertaken by members of Clog House, Est. 1935:

CALL: Pages proofread via Distributed Proofreaders for Project Gutenberg: 319.
Current DP rank: Apprentice Proofreader - #1577 among 58,829 proofreader-volunteers.
YOU (too) can assist DP to post books on-line so that present and future citizens of the world can access resources and knowledge that we in the U.S. generally take for granted. Register NOW to begin contributing your time, talents, and expertise to this important volunteer enterprise that will enrich lives around the world far beyond the field of your own existence.

Clog-Wife: Kiva Loan Contributor: 20% of her initial microloan has just been repaid within a month of the initial transfer of funds. You too can loan even a few dollars to this revolutionary small-scale program that has a sterling repayment record. You CAN make a small difference in the world of someone less fortunate than you. All you have to do is sign up, loan the price of a night or two out on the town, and you'll help a motivated person to become an asset to their community while they work to improve their lot in life. The recipient(s) of your small loan(s) can make the m0ney you lend work harder than you ever imagined possible, and then repay it in a timely fashion. What do you have to lose? Nothing, really.

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