Friday, July 13, 2007

United in Death - July 13

Todays' Friday Mashup unites a painter, a photographer, and a pioneer, each of whom died on a July 13.

1954 Frida Kahlo - Mexican painter/wife of artist Diego Rivera
Check out the Tate Modern's great Kahlo web exhibition that includes a film clip, timeline, 360-degree photo tour of The Blue House, and numerous details of Kahlo's life and art.

1946 Alfred Stieglitz - American photographer/husband of artist Georgia O'Keefe
Read the concise Stieglitz biography compiled for his induction into the International Photography Hall of Fame.

1890 John C. Fremont - American soldier/explorer/first Republican presidential candidate
Fremont mapped extensively along the Oregon Trail. His route brought him through present-day Boise, Idaho, my home town, which he described here.

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