Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Ford Anglias Discovered in Florida Woods

During my Monday hike I happened upon an old abandoned automobile graveyard deep in the woods in northwestern Alachua County, Florida. The woods had grown up around them. Most had license plates from the 60's to very early 1970's. Of the dozen or so vehicles, there were 2 VW beetles, a Triumph, 2 Ramblers, 2 old Buicks with the baleen whale grills, a Chevy Vega station wagon, and surprise of surprises, 2 Ford Anglias of the 105E model.

I couldn't let the Anglias be. I prised the block-lettered "Anglia" emblem from the nose of one, and the lower-case script "deluxe" from the rear quarter panel of the other, a faded gray-blue car. Would that they were not rusted hulks. I should have tried for the chrome headlight "eyebrows" - they were still nicely intact on these cars.

I wouldn't mind owning a collection of these cute little britcars.

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