Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Surf's Up! - Must-See Web Content

Time to start a new occasional post at The Clog Almanac.

Henceforth, under the heading Surf's Up!, this site will provide links to a sometimes motley assortment of web- and blog-sites that have caught our eye; courted our fancy; sparked our interest; engaged our minds; tickled our funny-bones; piqued our conscience; challenged our perceptions; won our admiration; garnered our praise; or made us exclaim "Thats' cool!"

In nowise will we try to slip in items that might tug at your heartstrings; try your patience; test your patriotism; question your devotion; break your will; ruin your reputation; harm your self-esteem; steal your identity; or make you exclaim "That's gross!"

Pacific Ocean Trash Vortex - You've been to the beach and seen all that trash that has washed up from God knows where.
Greenpeace knows from where, for the Pacific Ocean, anyway. Visit the link to view a remarkable animation that shows the fate of all that trash we humans cast into the sea...and where it ends up, eventually.

American Television Theme Songs - Someone had to compile them. From "The Addams Family" and "Beavis and Butthead", to "Mighty Mouse", "Underdog" and "Yogi Bear", this website has a gracious plenty, ready for you to right-click and download.

Visuwords - An utterly unique dictionary/thesaurus that lets you look at words in a visual-spatial context of related words and synonyms. It's dynamic and quite enjoyable to experiment with. Type in your favorite word, and Presto! magic happens; you find your word among a free-wheeling 3-D net of synonomies, derivatives, and associated words that you can drag around and reconfigure to your heart's content. Great tool if you're writing and need to find a word that expresses that precious sliver of nuance that suddenly escapes you.

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