Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Today's Birds, in Passing

I saw and heard a few birds today as I went about my business in Gainesville, FL.

Mockingbird - singing for all he was worth from the dead top of an American Holly tree in a nearly completed luxury subdivision (the tree will be gone when that lot is built upon).

Mississippi Kite - soaring far overhead in company with an osprey, the latter one of a pair that roosts in a tall communications tower in downtown Gainesville near my office. These birds are done nesting here - soon they'll depart for other climes.

Osprey - the pair referred to above calling and wheeling above the city; one of them whooping and stooping - perhaps trying to entice their fledgelings to flight, from their nest-tower?

Bob-white Quail - surprising calls overheard emanating from a yet-to-be-developed acreage near a rather built-out suburban area.

In no-wise have I seen great flocks of birds like those reported in times past - over a billion passenger pigeons in one single flock by Audubon, for instance, or for the 1.5 billion birds at one time claimed by this Planet Earth video clip.

Simply amazing video, that.

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