Saturday, July 07, 2007

To Poe Springs and Back

This evening the Clog-wife, our weekend guest, and I ate at Floyd's Diner in High Springs. Talk was mostly about Irish dance, and of course about the first day of the Colin Dunne workshop.

After dinner we spent a little time at Poe Springs -- just long enough to walk the boardwalk, dip our feet in the cold spring water, and stand at the end of the spring run to watch the mullet which always congregate at the line where the clear spring water flows alongside the tannin-stained water of the Santa Fe River. It was dusk and the park was nearly deserted. At the spring we heard a couple of barred owls calling to one another from the dark bottomland forest. Photos and call recordings of the barred owl are here.

We also observed a turtle that had journeyed up out of a slough to linger on a grassy slope, and two deer grazing in grassy uplands in the park. We'd hoped to see otters and perhaps an alligator.

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