Monday, July 30, 2007

Comes in Threes

You've heard the sayings voicing a superstition that had its roots somewhere.
Bad luck comes in threes. Trouble comes in threes. Death comes in threes.
A friend and colleague of mine is feeling very superstitious these days. First, he had a bout of pancreatitis. Ten days ago he suffered a vicious dog attack. Later that week someone (now deceased) in a Mazda Miata flew down a freeway off-ramp at an overpass at what witnesses say was at least 65 mph, failed to stop at the intersection, and was broadsided by my friend's vehicle as it blindly emerged from under the overpass at just 30 mph. So my pal is laid up in the hospital with battered knees (crushed front end displaced the dashboard), bruised face and chest (ditto + steering wheel/airbag). As soon as the swelling abates the docs will be able to assess other injuries.

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