Monday, March 14, 2005

Wild Rabbit Update...

The Clog-wife found some information that suggested that wild rabbit kits don't hardly take to captivity as well as their domesticated kin and have a much lower survival rate. She contacted the local animal rescue society about the little fellow, and decided it might be best to turn the creature over to a dedicated care-giver. The attendant on the phone was, lets say, very concerned and anxious, and pressured the Clog-wife to turn the thing over. Pronto. With a follow-up phone call within 30 minutes. So the plan is to keep the rabbit overnight, and then take it in to the rescue organization. It has eaten well during the 24 hours in our care - fresh Romaine leaves from Freddy Wood's lettuce patch.

The bunny managed to jump out of its box during the night, and was promptly discovered by the Corgi Fergus, who alerted us to its escape. The pair of household cats are *a little* put out at having to break their routine by having to eat and hang out on the screened porch rather than inside the house.

I've been there.

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