Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Some More I'ds of March....

  • I'd like to take long walks with the Clog-wife more than I have recently.
  • I'd usually rather be doing something else when I'm doing what I'm doing at the time.
  • I'd sooner continue in the rut I'm in, rather than find a new rut to get stuck in.
  • I'd give $50 to the medium who could put me in touch with the lost companions to all my unmatched socks.
  • I'd like to hear just one statement from a government official about Social Security that wasn't all fog and mirrors.

Final Wild Bunny Update - I awoke to find the Clog-wife burying the wild bunny. The little fellow died during the night, to our great dismay.

They Say it's Your Birthday - Happy Birthday, Brother. Hope the gift from the Clog-wife and me arrives today.

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