Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Fuel For Thought

Here in the Gainesville, Florida vicinity we're paying on the upside of $2.10 for 87 octane, and $2.30 for the high-test 93 octane. Gasoline prices here are typically among the highest in the state.

Climbing gasoline prices have many drivers around the country sweating naphtha, if not paraffin. Have you been thinking about gas mileage lately, and wondering how your make and model rates? You could keep a log and do the mileage calculations yourself, like my dad did when I was a kid (miles traveled/gallons consumed = mpg).

Or you can click on over to 40MPG.org and get a ballpark mpg rating for your model, or at least the 2005 version.
[Hat-tip: dustbury.com]

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