Monday, April 18, 2005

More Observations From The (Llama) Field

Temperatures were quite cool this past weekend, and the llamas probably were glad to have their long fleeces intact. Except for the two that were shorn last week.

When I first spotted the two shorn llamas I thought I was looking at caricatures from a Dr. Suess book. All the wool from the base of the jaws on down had been removed. The result was a pair of ungainly, oddly spindly and skinny animals with oversized blocks of fur where the heads should have been. One black, the other white.

Apparently the other llamas don't put up with this sort of blatant swim against the current tides of llama fashion and sensibility, because they will have nothing to do with their two naked cohorts. Its the sort of reception you get if you show up to a politically-themed birthday party wearing an American flag for a kilt and another smaller one for a bib at the dinner table (which is just what an acquaintance did at the Friday night party previously reported here.)

All the sheep were shorn, so they are all equally accepting of eachothers' new school uniforms. And guess what? That's the crowd the shorn llamas hang out with now. Turncoats.

See, we can learn alot about human nature from observing animals. The dumber ones, anyway.

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