Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Little Purple Flowers and a Piece of Purple Legislation

Purple is the color long associated with popes and kings. Prince Charles, perhaps the next King of England, has postponed his wedding in order to attend the funeral of Pope John Paul II. Were I to send flowers to either of these men, I would send a big boquet of these purple flowers which are blooming now in north central Florida:

Blue Flag Iris, which I saw blooming next to a small pond this morning as a pair of red-shouldered hawks screamed from the overhanging trees; Venus' Looking-glass, a demure little flower and one of my favorites; our common Florida Violet; and a non-native which has been associated with southern homesteads for so long it is considered a native by most, the Chinaberry.

The Pope is dead, and lies in state in the Vatican. Here in Florida, the legislature just passed a bill making it easier to kill someone who threatens you in a public place.

If that is not a piece of purple legislation, nothing is. Some commentators feel it will spur gun sales and turn Florida into a post-modern version of the Wild West.

I wonder how many folks will be left brain-dead with feeding tubes after the spent shells stop plinking on the sidewalks. [No disrespect to Terri Schiavo or her family intended.]

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