Friday, April 01, 2005

Jazz Month and Tartan Week

April is National Jazz Awareness Month. The calendar- or almanac-minded jazz enthusiast will want to check out the This Day in Jazz History sidebar at this very informative Smithsonian website.

I pretty much stay away from the modern fusion style, preferring the old stuff, from the period spanning the days where ragtime and blues were mingling, up through the 1960’s. But I'm no rabid enthusiast, and the Clog-wife considers modern jazz too jangled and discombobulated for her tastes.

Just to poke the diehards in the eye, let me say this:
It seems to be, and quite oddly so, accepted as sophisticated to praise a theme that is played in one key, against inversions of 7th, 9th, 11th, and 13th chords of a wholly distinct other key, while set to a trap-set drum rhythm seemingly improvised for a completely separate tune. The result is a Mysterious and Wondrous Alchemists' Dream to some, while to others, like the Clog-wife, it is but unremarkable dross, and nothing more. My sentiments lie somewhat north of there. Still, I'll never sport just a little tuft of short whiskers immediately below my lower lip, like those the m0dern *beatnikoids* have affected these past few years.
Rather, I'll be content with the standard geologist/biologist beard, suitable for wearing with a kilt on occasions such as National Tartan Day.

National Tartan Day is April 6th. New York hosts a parade on Saturday April 2nd. This year the sword used by William Wallace (Braveheart) at the Battle of Stirling will be exhibited in New York. I understand this is the first time the sword has left Scotland's borders in 700 years. Time to put on the Sport Kilt the Clog-wife gave me for my birthday.

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