Thursday, April 07, 2005

Lileks on Places that He Wouldn't Want to Live in

James Lileks weighs in about places in which he wouldn’t want to reside, with his usual lighthearted grumbly phrases that never fail to make me chuckle. My home state of Idaho gets a small but favorable nod, as it should.

Florida, the state I live in at present, is described as a “strange theme park alternately run by Walt Disney and Pennywhistle the Clown”. I can't say I'm in complete agreement with that statement because that would overlook the natural gems that abound in this state, as well as the sprawling and depressing boneyards otherwise known as "retirement communities" - neither of which are exactly Disneyesque or clown-scary.

Lileks is taking April off so his posts are light and sporadic. The post I reference (no permalink) appears in his April 7, 2005 update. I read Lileks every day.

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