Sunday, May 08, 2005

Bicycling Florida Backroads

Lovely Spring days like today are perfect for riding a bicycle in north central Florida. The Clog-wife and I attended the Mothers' Day service at the historic Evinston United Methodist church just up the hill from our home - a beautiful turn-of-the- (past) century white clapboard, bell and belfry church constructed entirely of longleaf pine.

Afterwards we grabbed the bicycles and headed off on through the canopied dirt/limerock backroads that lead to
Micanopy. The Old Florida Cafe is exactly 4 miles from our doorstep. We luncheoned there, as we always do on our little walking/riding treks to that quaint and historic village. Stopped at friend Larry Robert's antique store and visited on the lawn with him about antiques and personal collections. Browsed the old and used books at O. Brisky's antiquarian bookstore - Clog-wife purchased a guide to mounting dance productions, and two more books to feed her passion about the history of the British monarchy.

Content with the sunshine, the breeze, the conversations, and, old book lover that I am, the smell of many of
Mr. Brisky's 40,000 old books, I purchased nothing but our lunches. Round trip from Evinston - Micanopy - Evinston: 8 miles.

Yet, I do declare, Clog-wife is learning lessons about queening from reading all those books, and has been practicing them on me and her son. We generally maintain our good humor in this regard, and still feel like we're not on the outs, and, er, are still regarded as her princes, more or less.

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