Monday, May 02, 2005

Back ToThe Good Old Days

Spring Satudays were made for this: riding a bicycle through the quiet streets of small-town America (Micanopy, FL), stopping at the town ball park to watch Little Leaguers play baseball and to enjoy a booster-club hamburger, browsing the antique shops, then lunching outdoors bistro-style at a distinctive cafe in a unique setting.

Saturday evening's fun at a friends' irish music session/birthday party was flavored and cut short by the sort of turmoil that only a teenager can so masterfully engineer. The Clog-wife and I left the party early and returned home in a rainstorm to find that the electricity was out. No lights and no water, again.

No problem. Since last years' hurricanes we have an ample supply of candles and fire-making implements. Clog-wife and I salvaged the balance of the evening by a return to the good old days before electricity, sitting at my piano and singing irish balads by candlelight. Just the sort of old-fashioned enjoyment that brings loved ones together and that reminds us of what we miss in today's world of video games and dumb reruns on the boob-tube.

We actually interacted, and even conversed with one another between songs. Amazing, really. You ought to try it some time.

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vbc2 said...

I know what you mean brother! I have enjoyed many of these moments (though not by candlelight),AND they are some of the best moments that I have ever had. Cometo think of it, many of those moments were wpentwith you...and Elton John.