Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Time To Plant

Yesterday was a planting day.

I put in a couple of flats of pansies to add some winter color to the flower beds in front of the house. I planted some very robust foxglove starts. These should bloom in a few weeks. I potted some hickory nuts I'd recently collected from the grounds of the Dungeness ruins on Cumberland Island. And lastly, I planted the red buckeye seed from the tree I'd found growing on the verge of a big sinkhole rimmed with very old red bay trees, that sat in the middle of an expansive pasture amongt a vast woodland-pasture section in the farmlands of Alachua County.

All the while the trees overhead were filled with a busy if not noisy flock of robins. I think they were taking turns eating the small fruits of the camphor tree in the back yard.

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