Saturday, January 14, 2006

Religious Stereotypes By Google

Following the idea of The Prejudice Map, I googled the phrase "X are known for" to find out about certain religions. According to Google:

Mormons are known for:
Clean living; dedication to church and family; generosity; close community bonds; large, tight-knit superfunctional families; upstanding lifestyle; stockpiling emergency supplies; door-to-door missionary work. But not appreciation of sophisticated beer.
Catholics are known for:
Extraordinary generosity; tolerance of other religions; decorating crosses with a crucified Jesus; artistic beauty; lighting candles; double religious affiliation; ability to stand up, sit down, and kneel a billion times an hour.
Lutherans are known for:
Scholarship; hymnody, choral and organ music; sticking by the disaster-stricken for the long-haul; stressing saved-by-grace; potlucks; stoicism toward religious experience; theological argumentativeness.
Baptists are known for:
Vocal Christianity; zeal; free souls and open mouths; political involvement; divisiveness and local church autonomy (hence, many flavors of Baptism); service and ministry; fantastic potlucks; being against fun, in general.
Methodists are known for:
Generosity; hymn literacy; love of singing; good cooking; hospitality; setting up committees; being very anti-alchohol; balancing head and heart on the spiritual journey.
How this works.


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