Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Home Furnishings And Some Backyard Birds

I was home all day, puttering. Outside the morning air was filled with the trills of chickadees and the metronomic chips of a couple of pairs of cardinals. I decided to watch the cardinals, and quickly noticed a catbird following a male cardinal as it flitted among the azalea bushes and wisteria vines in a neglected and overgrown corner of our yard. I haven't glimpsed a catbird in a good long while. An eastern phoebe perched in a recently pruned crape myrtle in the sideyard, but it shyly flew to a safer perch on a chain-link fence across the quiet street as I moved around the yard. Later, as the sun swept over the oak trees in the neighborhood, the robins appeared and filled the air with their distinctive chattering, to the occasional faintly whistled descant of passing cedar waxwings.

In the afternoon stopped in at a local antique shop and purchased a solid walnut, art-nouveau, curved-front curio cabinet; ideal for displaying the best of my antique corkscrews, Victorian ebony and rosewood brushes, and depression-era glass. Life is good at Clog House Est. 1935.

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