Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Pass the (RFID) Chips, Please

Coming soon to your passport, as soon as next year: RFID chips that contain and broadcast your personal information. As if it isn't already easy enough to lose that data to information thieves. I've yet to find out how many US passports are lost or stolen each year, but it would be interesting to find out. One wonders if the black market price for a US passport will be affected by the electronic information contained therein.

The official State Department information page for the proposed electronic passport can be found here. The site includes links to public comments received by State. The comment period ended April 4, of this year.

The Clog Almanac wants to know how long it will be until those little chips find their way (literally) under our skin? Our three-legged Corgi already has one in his neck, and he's not even contemplating international travel.

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