Thursday, October 20, 2005

Coburn Burns Bridges with H.R. 3058 Amendment Threat

Senator Coburn of Oklahoma has fired a huge shot across the bow of his fellow senators with this letter (many thanks to Mr. Reynolds of Instapundit who made it available in this format) which proposes to amend H.R. 3058 in order to return pork monies earmarked for the the construction of the controversial Gravina bridge in Alaska, and to use the money to reconstruct the "Twin Spans" bridge in Louisiana destroyed by hurricane Katrina.

Oh, how that man doth offend! His colleages should fear two things: 1) being outed in the public square for their porkmongering, and 2), being forced to publicly justify some of the outrageous items they have slipped into this and that bill during their (sometimes very long) careers.

The blogosphere may create so much buzz and noise on the pork issue that pols will be unable to quietly stave off Coburn's bill. Should the process eventually continue to a Senate vote I say that a roll call vote should be demanded.

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