Monday, October 24, 2005

Goober Season

October is peanut harvest time in north central Florida. The roadside landscape suddenly sprouts signs advertising "Peanut Hay", "Boiled P-Nuts", or "Hot Boiled Peanuts".

The goober season having arrived, I've availed myself of the fresh crop, locally harvested in Williston, over in Levy County. I've been working on a two and a half pound bag of dry roasted salted nuts all week. Last night I set a couple of pounds of raw peanuts to cook in my crock pot overnight, and woke up to the salty treat of hot boiled peanuts.

Life is good in peanut land.

Read Brenda Flynn's loving account of fresh vegetables and the pleasures of hot "boilt" peanuts in The Recipe for Boiling Peanuts, over at Southern Scribe.

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