Saturday, July 09, 2005

Live Hurricane Dennis/Red Sox Blogging!

Hurricane Dennis/Red Sox Live Update

Reporting Station: Evinston, Alachua County, Florida
Update Time: 14:27 EST

At this location, Mister Sun was shining for at least the past hour and sustained winds were imperceptible. At approximately 2:05 p.m. EST some light cloud cover moved in diminishing the heat and brightness of the Sun, but humidity remained high and quite noticeable, as we all got sticky upon venturing outside in our various regular weekend pursuits.

At this moment the eye of Hurricane Dennis is ~135 miles SW of Orlando and is moving parallel to the Florida coast at about 14 miles per hour. Forecasts all concur that the expansive tropical storm bands on the eastern side of Dennis will periodically rake north central Florida for the next 24 hours, with associated severe thunderstorms, winds gusting into to 30-40 mph range, and tornado watches and tropical storm warnings. So here in north-central Florida, we've apparently been spared the core brunt of the storm. This time. Check back in a couple weeks and see what The Weatherman has to say about the storms regularly spitting off the west coast of Africa and heading east for the Carribean and the Gulf, like so many smoke rings from an evil wizard's pipe.

As for today's baseball game, the Orioles are currently leading the Boston Red Sox 4-1 following the 3-run homer by Palmeiro. I'd expected the champion (at last) Sox to be playing a little flashier, but they're not, so far.

Palmeiro has a consistent but relatively unheralded career. I expect that he, like other great players, may garner his laurels late in his game, when the slow and accumulating consistent stats he is racking up look much more solid and impressive at the end of it all.

Stay tuned for more hurricane and baseball.

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