Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Hurricane Dennis

Hurricane Dennis approaches! The first hurricane of 2006 is passing by Cuba tonight, on his way into the Gulf. Forecasters say he'll likely pass to the west of Florida proper, and come ashore during the weekend, at about category 3 strength.

Tropical storm Cindy just yesterday blew through the Gulf, missing Florida, but came ashore in LA dragging 70 mph winds in her skirts and flooding the area with 10" of rain.

Here in north central Florida, we've had a very rainy June. Lakes, ponds, swales and swamps are still high since last season's hurricanes and have only gotten more inundated with the record rainfall. The southbound lane of Hwy 441 across Payne's Prairie is but a foot or two above water level at its northernmost end.

I'll say it now, before anything happens. I do not relish the thought of tropical storms and hurricanes this Summer. The 4 storms that affected us last year were enough to last me for a few years at least.

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