Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wesley Snipes Not Racist - Most Everyone Else Is

Wesley Snipes is on trial for two felony charges: conspiracy to defraud the government, and filing a false tax claim. The trial will be held in Ocala, Florida, down the road a piece from Clog House Est. 1935.

See a copy of the original indictment at The Smoking Gun.

Playing the Race Card: Snipes has made two motions to have the trial moved to New York, declaring that the town of Ocala is racist and that he can't get a fair trial there. That would be the whole town. A federal appeals court recently denied those two petitions.

Playing Another Race Card: Snipes also made a motion to have the charges dropped on the basis of selective prosecution. Snipes' two named co-defendants are persons not-of-color, and are not being charged for failure to file tax returns. Snipes maintains he is being selectively charged and tried on the basis of his race.

Local TV news ran a short report last night. Jury selection has been long and tedious, and apparently one of the primary questions being asked potential jurors is whether they are capable of making a fair decision given the race of the defendant. Really that is asking if they are capable of being fair or unbiased given the fact that they are people-not-of-color. That tastes slightly racist.

Snipes attended a prayer service before court yesterday.

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