Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Currently Reading

At Clog House Est. 1935 we're currently re-reading Mark Helprin's lovely collection of stories entitled The Pacific. Helprin is one of our favorite American authors, so the rereading is quite pleasing, and as always, uplifting. Don't miss the reviews here, here and here.

We don't quite subscribe to Mr. Helprin's politics, but his novels and stories are filled with luminous archetypal characters and luminous themes that are cast in surprising and wonderful ways. His subjects are extremely varied and the resulting inventions both clever and awe-inspiring. As always, the imagery is precise, enlightening, and nearly overwhelming. In this backdrop, the themes expressed border on the sublime. War; Light; Water; Honor; Love; Family; Home; Aging. One wonders how another could conceive of such wondrously woven tales, and is left pondering and measuring one's existence after reading them.

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