Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tourist Traps and Their Animals

I'm from Idaho, and this is even too much for me - a two-story beagle/motel room that rents for $88/night. I think I'd rather sleep in an igloo hotel behind a curtain of reindeer skins.

I note in the smoking policy of the beagle motel that one may only light up a cigarette outside the ground floor to prevent infiltration. I don't smoke, so this in no hardship. The owners decorate the place with chainsaw sculptures too, even some depicting Lewis and Clark. The website proclaims the proprietors have even sold their chainsaw dog figures on the QVC Channel!

There is, alas no pet policy (at the link, at least). I presume one may, of course, bring one's own pet beagle to the beagle motel. What's to stop anyone from patronizing this place with their other favorite pets, like the pot-bellied pig, pet llama, pet sugar-glider, pet short-tailed possum, pet hedgehog; pet prairie dog, chinchilla, Gambian pouched rat, or any of the many pet pythons and boa constrictors? What about pet scorpions or tarantulas?

I wonder about cats though. My cat will not stand to be transported to any place he has not identified as home. You might as well try to smuggle some kryptonite via Superman's red briefs.

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