Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Meme For A Day: "Myspacification"

Wisdump posted a prediction that Facebook will suffer "an exodus of students and geeks and an invasion of Joe and Jane average. " The result will be the transformation of FB into another Myspace. Or to again quote the source, "a butt-ugly flashing and blinking banner farm." A process Wisdump goes on to describe as the myspacification of FB.

Strong words perhaps wasted on someone like me who is associated with none of the social networking sites, with the exception of, which is really simply a platform for me to store links and favorites on someone else's server so I can access them from whatever wherever computer I happen to be mashing buttons on.

Still, it must be depressing to perceive yourself to be droll and edgy and avante-garde only to witness the unwashed masses invading your bastion of coolness. The old "there goes the neighborhood" meme. What next, cyber-perverts?

See who has been blogging about myspacification here.

[Noted: Wisdump mentions the term twice in the post, and spells it differently each time. In both instances an incorrect "c" is inserted into the string. In this post I have spelled the term "myspacification" hoping to follow standard practice for adding suffixes. Perhaps "Myspace-ification" would make others happier.]

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