Friday, February 10, 2006

United In Death - February 10

Today's Clog Almanac Friday Mashup contraposes a pair of popes, a pair of writers, and a surgeon, all of whom died on a February 10.

1992 Alex Haley – U.S. writer (Roots, Biography of Malcolm X)
1957 Laura Ingalls Wilder – U.S. author (Little House on the Prairie)
1939 Pius XI – Italian Pope (1929-1932)
1912 Joseph Lister – British surgeon and antiseptic pioneer
1829 Leo XII – Italian Pope (1823-1829)

My brother saw Alex Haley in an airport in the 1980's. Upon boarding his flight, he discovered he was seated next to Tom Landry, then coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Landry didn't sign my brother, but they did talk football and the college programs that were courting my brother's talents as a defensive back and fleet kick return specialist.

Pius XI is known for his stance against fascism and Naziism.

Leo XII had 6 first names. He reluctantly ascended to the papacy, having retired years before.

Baron Lister? Among my collection (350+) of antique corkscrews are a few very tiny wedding-ring-sized corkscrews bearing Listerine advertising, either stamped on the flattened wire finger-pull ring or lithographed in red on the narrow yellow metal finger band. My latest addition arrived today, purchased from someone who found it in a box of vintage buttons at an auction. You never know when an object of your affection or interest will turn up. That is why I believe everyone ought to collect something. To a dedicated collector, every day holds promise - you just don't know what might turn up and turn your day into something spectacular, and you always are on the look-out for those things....

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